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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 6, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at >>neil: we told you the economy could be going his way. now, today, the poll numbers to prove it. welcome, even, i'm neil cavuto and one day before voters have their say in three states, a sense americans could be leaning toward the president for the time being across the 50 states. a new poll giving the president a six-point lead over mitt romney in a ahead to head could be test among registered voters. this is the president crowing about jobs. >> we created 3.million jobs the last 23 months and the most jobs since 2005 and the most manufacturing jobs since 1990. >> if republicans want to beat
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this give they better afternoon night behind one guy. and fast. explain, dave. >>guest: well, neil, the longer republicans beat themselves up and don't focus on the president, the easier for the not have a political recovery as long as the job numbers and the economy is getting people. but it is too early to totally worry about it. but, clearly when you are running against no opposition and your potential opposition is busy beating each other up, it makes it easier. >>neil: they always unite around a candidate, many grudgingly, maybe in 1992 it was with reservation, when the nominee emerged from the south to be bill clinton but they won with bill clinton despite a divisive race. >>guest: that is correct. and that is why i would not pay
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too much attention at least right now to the fact that republicans' favorable numbers have dipped and they are not midst of a very tough primary, mitt romney boating up on newt gingrich and him beating up on momry and rick santorum beating up on everybody. it depends where republicans when they get out of the process and exactly how long it takes and hillary clinton and president obama beat up on each other going into april or may of 2008. so, it is really not too late, what is important to understand is that we have had good economic indicators lately, and the president has also been able to deliver his message unfettered and unchallenged and that is usually the way things are, the horse race should not be too concerning to the presidents at the moment, but they should be concerned a little bit about dipping favorable numbers about the potential candidates. >>neil: the rap against the republicans they are arguing the economy is tanking and if it
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stops tanks it muddles along with the improvement in the numbers at best it is not what we should be at this stage, but be that as it may, it is like that old story where you bang your help against the wall and the doctor said quit banging your head you would feel better but you are not tiptop. >>guest: that is correct, if fell feel they are better and how people feel, to me, that is just as important as how things look in terms of the numbers but at the end of the day republicans can still make a case, do you feel better off than you were four years ago, an old cliche, a great way to frame a contest if things are not obviously tanking. >>neil: very good point, thank you. the pressure might be on to unite behind romney but you can understand why the guys opposing him are not about to, for one
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thing, in missouri and colorado romney has a little more than 100 delegates three times as many as newt gingrich the closest rival but a pollster wants you to remember that they still leave romney more than 1,000 delegates shy of the numbers needed to win the nomination. so, i ma'am for the guys who are opposing him, they are not going any time soon? >>guest: they are not. one of the big things to keep in mind is the proportional representation that these are not always winner take all states which is changing the game significantly. but, romney is poised to win minnesota and colorado later in the month, maine, and michigan and arizona and it does give him quite a leads but we still have super tuesday. >>neil: well, minnesota is not a given, some polls show he could lose that state, and in missouri although you have delegates that are at stake, he could lose that, as well, we don't know until tomorrow, but, say that were to happen, then what? >>guest: well, i think we will
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see super tuesday is going to be sort of the cut off point. either we will seed republicans coalesce behind romney or we will be in for the long hall and the way this primary season has been going there have been a lot of surprises even after florida ron paul was still gathering a lot of big rallies and people are not quite ready to settle in. that being said, i think that romney, there has been a real benefit to him being not race this long, and he has had a lot of time to presidentish, to refine the message, and it is helping him. >>neil: how important is it for romney, that you still have santorum in the race, you still have gingrich if the race, and i will leave ron paul out of it because sheehan anomaly but those two battling for the conservative vote is a good thing for romney. >>guest: it is and i think, actually, maybe i am alone on this but i think it is actually good for romney all around. the more he has to fight with his own party, the better for
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him in the general election. it is very intense warm up for the general election and he has had to, really, think ray bout how heel respond on issues like health care and immigration, and finance his ties to bain capital, and all of these things are certainly going to be coming up in the general election and the fact that he has had to really fight them out with santorum and with gingrich and even with paul, that is not insignificant. >>neil: say what you will, it made president obama a boater -- better candidate after the fight with hillary clinton. having said that, you have the backdrop of an improving economy. how does that change the romney argument, i'm the economic mr. fix it. how does it propel voters? >>guest: we are still over 8 percent unemployment and ten months away from the election, so, or, 9 1/2 months so we have
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a long ways to go and lots can change, lots of twists and turns, and in way would i suggest that obama can sail into the white house for a second term without a struggle and i think he recognizes that and it is important we recognize he brought people back to the payroll and he is looking to figure out how to best position himself and nose doubt the economy is pro tempore, -- important but it will not be a magic wand because we have not seen the improvement that we need. >>neil: thank you very were. in the meantime, in st. paul, where we have a handicap for the big minnesota contest this is close? >>guest: what you are referring to, neil, there, is numbers released by the left leaning public policy, and they show santorum with a margin over romney, 29 percent to 27 percent and behind that at 22 percent is newt gingrich hoping to close in
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on the conservative vote and bringing up the rear is ron paul at 19 percent according to the liberal polling organization, sampling voters here in minnesota. and rick santorum i spoke with him last night and he was aware of the poll numbers and he said they mean that he is still in the game. >> it changes this race. again. we will reset the race. that idea that the challenger to mitt romney is newt gingrich, well, that is reset s that mitt romney is the heir apparent, that is reset. >> of the voter whose matter on caucus night, those who are willing to brave the cold and she up at a caucus site, the numbers are expected to be small and expected to be motivated, and expected to be tea party and conservative, and evangelical and when given a choice between mitt romney or someone more conservative they were going for
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someone more conservative which is what newt gingrich and rick santorum are counting on. >>neil: we have seen from a plurality of conservatives in the prior contests, say, the one more to the point that mitt romney as one, i don't know if holding their nose is the right description but going at and voting for romney who seems to have the best shot of beating president obama but that seems to be the sentiment of many, a plurality, like i say, of conservatives in the prior contests. is it going on in minnesota? >>guest: possibly among less motivated conservatives in minnesota but what the analysts are looking at, they have to get motivated and show up to a caucus and in a caucus when the results are nonbinding, so these are people who are very motivated and they will be very conservative, so, they may not hold their nose and vote for someone they don't like, it is
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anticipated they will go for the most conservative guy they can pick. >> you cover wars and campaigns flawlessly and i guess they are not separated that much. mike from minute me. violence in the middle east flares up, a region mike knows well. and are prices at the punch about to go way up? [ male announcer ] lately, there's been a seismic shift
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>>neil: violence in the middle east ands price could rise by 60 cents in a matter of months. the variables are there at a time when the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded could go to $4 or more a gallon by memorial day. and phil is watching closely from the chicago exchange. where they trade futures on this stuff. that's worst case scenario, right? >>guest: i think so. a lot of people predict we will see an incredible run up in
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price but with the violence in places like syria and the threats from iran a lost that is priced into the market. if you look at the supplies of gasoline they are above average for this time of year, and one of the reasons we have seen the spike refiners have shut down for maintenance early because of the demand for heating oil is not there and they will get usually start on gasoline production. >>neil: what i have learned talking to you, yes, the fears of war and gyrations in the middle east are factors but in the end a lost it is based on supply and demand and economy, and the economy could be picking up here, and there is evidence it is picking up abroad, and that generally can spell higher prices anyway. >>guest: well, it could, but we have seen a situation where over the last few months demand has gone down and prices have gone up. we have seen this incredible situation that the price of oil is being driven by the outside
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factors and although we are not driving as much and 11 year low we are at we are stuck with the higher prices because of the crude price premium. now, what can happen and this would be the best case scenario, if things couple down in iran the demand for gasoline goes up because our economy getting better and the prices come down so we could see the inverse assuming it comes down in the middle east and that is a lot to hope for. >>neil: not to get too steep in this but the dollar picks up steam, how did that affect the equation? >>guest: puts downward pressure on price. a few days ago we thought the u.s. economy was struggling, and you know, that the fed would print more money, and because the price of oil is prices in dollars, what we pay for a gallon of gasoline, for a dollar's worth less, we will pay more. but, now, with the jobs numbers seemingly improving, the odds that the federal reserve is going to print more money and
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make our dollar stronger, so, when we go to the gas tank, that dollar will buy more gas than it did just a few days ago. >>neil: thank you my friend always good to talk to you, phil, the expert. all rights meantime, the nuclear tensions between iran and israel continue to escalate, half of americans would be okay address this and the obama administration just attack iran or support military action. and our expert says, that could be, should be, front bunker. i don't think it really is right now and you are worried about that? >>guest: well, the obama administration has made it clear, president obama said just last night that the only way for the sons through diplomacy giving sanctions a chance. that sounds great but the problem is sanctions have been in force for years and now it took president obama months and months and months to get around meaningful sangs and they don't
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still kick in for several months, but the iranian leadership and that is the key, they have made clear that sanctions will not stop their drive for nuclear weapons. yes, it is hurting iran but iran has taken the calculation that it is their divine right to have nuclear weapons. nothing will stop them. sanctions will hurt them but they will not step. ahmadinejad himself has stayed is "like a train with no brakes," meaning we are moving toward conflict. >>neil: but you can kill the conducters with the train, right? i wonder behind the scenes if what israel pulled off, allegedly, pulled off, bumping off the engineer in iran, whether that quietly is the intelligence information we are missing. next is the ultimate dream of everyone involved in this regime change in iran because at the
4:18 pm
end of the day, the problem is that regime, with their aapocalyptic ideology which cannot be underestimated they believe the messiah can bring if his return in a time of great global chaos if they create chaos he will run. it sounds crazy but the iranian leadership believes it. we had a golden opportunity june of 2009, a million iranians in the streets of tehran calling for regime change and president obama and i quote, "we don't want to be seen as meddling." so much for a tear down this wall moment we miss add golden opportunity there and the iranian regime has tightened the grip. if we can promote regime change, by all means that is the preferable solution, obviously, but i don't if that is in the cards. >>neil: you could see the president's point when we did
4:19 pm
align ourselves with those we are trying to overthrow, mubarak in egypt to discover they did not flip over us and, in fact, they are taking the americans that are there, with business interests and putting them on trial, sow have to be careful what you win for. >>guest: the difference here, in egypt we are backing islamists, the muslim brotherhood, iran cannot get any worse than the current regime. anyone we support in iran is better than the mullahs. we had a chance to support democracy-blinded young iranians in 2009 and we still have that chance. we are dropping the ball. >>neil: thank you, good to see you. the romney campaign is trying to blast away its biggest threat ahead of tomorrow's election. not this give. this guy. mornin'.
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>>neil: whatever you do please do not count this guy out. rick santorum says he is ready to put on a show in the "show me state." as voters cast ballots santorum beats president obama in a head to head match up nationally. does this have my next guest worried, a key romney supporter, senator blunt. those who are opposing mitt romney argue it is a little too soon to call it a day and say the race is over. so, a bit premature to say follow the leader and the winner. >>guest: well, it is time to say the race is over. romney has decisive wins in new hampshire and florida and nevada and more in the next few days and he is the only one with the resources in the national campaign to get this done but i like all these of the oh people who are still in the race.
4:24 pm
rick santorum is a good friend of mine. somebody said the other day this the contest is over, the competition is over but the race many ended. and i think this is a lot to be said for that. i believe it is pretty clear would has the national campaign that can get the job done, i think it is mitt romney and not only if he gets elected president i think he can be a great president and has the best chance to be elected. >>neil: you could be right but you are if with numbers better than i am and i i am looking at 100 or so delegates and you need over 1,000 to get the nomination. we are long way away. >>guest: but there is a lot to be done and if it is not done you cannot get it do and the missouri ballot tomorrow, newt gingrich failed to foil. that's something that was pretty fundamental to a campaign. i filed the papers for romney and there is no petition, this is no anything you just have to have somebody show up with your
4:25 pm
document and say i am here to file for governor romney and newt gingrich failed to get that done. there is not enough infrastructure to support the other campaigns, ron paul has the infrastructure, but not likely to be the nominee. the quicker now we rally behind the person i believe is going to be the nominee, the more likely we are to get the focus back on the obama economy and this president. this needs to be an election about the president's performance, the obama economy, and what we are going to do about it. >>neil: you could be right but if you look at it, for all the votes that have been cast, mitt romney has scored a third of them, just as those republicans who voted in the primaries and caucuses so far, and that is but a plurality of all the registered republicans in those states, now, the momentum certainly might be in his favor having maybe won the last couple of races but i can understand the candidates saying we are a
4:26 pm
long way from being finished. a long way from him sealing the deal. and we are a long way from saying that in february we have to call it a day when we know other races like the hillary clinton and president obama that went well into the late spring damaged the party. we know in this case it did not. >>guest: we will see, most of the things that have come up in the primary have not been harmful and the questions needed to be answered and i think i have learn add lot as others have about the great job-creating career that governor romney had and the way he has responded, and the way he has defended an opportunity and he has done this. that is what primaries do. >>neil: do you think that there is something to what this angst express bid some, certainly not all conservatives, who are just leery? >>guest: i thought the last two sets of primaries when you breakdown the voters such as in
4:27 pm
nevada the tea party voter whose said they were closely aligned with the tea party, they tenned it vote more for romney than anyone else. if you look at the breakdown of the segments he is getting the votes across the board in the republican primary that you would want someone to get and i just believe eventually our party is focused back on what the election is about, and they rally around the nominee and only newt gingrich and rick santorum know whether or not they have the national support or the national fundraising network or whatever it takes to make this campaign work, why see that myself, and i'll be surprised if it is there, i do think romney has that and i think ron paul has that, and they can go the distance and i think in that kind of competition with these four people, mitt romney is not only the nominee but i think he is likely to be the next president of the united states because people are going to be focused again on what the election is about it. it is about the economy, gas
4:28 pm
prices are going to almost double since obama became president by may. >>neil: we will watch closely, senators always good to have you. >>guest: good to see you. >>neil: and no need to imitate the gipper, the advice for newt from a guy named mike. from a guy named mike. as in mike reagan.lowering my c. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor. numbers don't lie. my cholesterol's stayed down. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. it's backed by over 19 yes of research. [ femalannouncer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications,
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>>neil: winning reagan states to win it all is the strategy of
4:32 pm
newt gingrich saying winning big in upcoming races particularly in the south will help him win the nomination. but is that really how ronald reagan won it? and did it? we ask the foam president's son, michael reagan, backing mr. gingrich. >>guest: good to be with you. >>neil: your father won more than just the south but what do thing of this strategy? is it the right strategy? >>guest: well, it is a great strategy for the general election, the southern strategy. my dad lost five times in a row before he hit north carolina and helms was there. to lift him but newt gingrich needs to find who he is. he is allowing the campaign, mitt romney, the media, to find newt gingrich and if he is going to go into the southern states and try to turn the reagan states into newt gingrich states he has to build his own city on a hill, and how newt gingrich sees america, how he wants to
4:33 pm
take america forward, not ronald reagan's idea but newt gingrich so people know who he is. >>neil: do you regret backing him? >>guest: no, no, i don't regret backing him. not at all. i like the fact i am backing newt because i have known him a long period, it is getting him to move forward and understand if you going to use my father to an extent to move forward, understand where my father was coming from. ron's spoke in parables not sound bites. he didn't say he wanted to do a thousand things the first day in office only two or three in his presidency, and both mitt romney and newt gingrich make that mistake by putting too much on the plate and trying to do too much in that first few days or in the first four years. do one. and do it really well. and you can get re-elected. >>neil: do you ever get tired of everyone who now hears your
4:34 pm
father's name, they wrap themselves around him. does it ever get a bit much for you? >>guest: well, like today i woke up to 100 e-mails people wishing me my father 101st and i am thinking, he is gone, yes it is great to lift inup and i am going to the young america's foundation who bought the ranch and have a birthday celebration, and i go, but you know something? i'm lucky, i was brought into a family named reagan and to be able to around my father, my god, what a great on for me to be able to honor him. >>neil: so what would he thing of the crop of candidates running right now? >>guest: he would probably tell the crop of candidates to keep your eye on the prize. the presidency. and the president. make the president about president obama. don't make it about each other. and that's where there is a real
4:35 pm
problem in this campaign, it is more about each other and less about president of the united states and president obama of the if you want to win it has to be about obama like in 1980 it was about jimmy carter. >>neil: your father has a national force and a wave and a movement that was propelling him, maybe left over from 1976 weapon -- when he nearly unseated a republican president, whatever it was he had it going into 1980 so this this case no one has that? >>guest: no, there is no passion. the only passion is coming from rick santorum or ron paul. they are passionate about where they are. both romney and newt have trouble finding that passion. if you going to win a national election people have to be passionate about wanting to go out and vote for you. it cannot just be a bunch of lines on a piece of many or on whatever, or cardboard. it has to be a passion.
4:36 pm
you have to know why you want to be president of the united states of america. and you have to move the electorate to come to you. ronald reagan was able to do that, bring reagan democrats in and others and he found areas of agreement and moved everything from there, forward, and he did not find areas of disagreement and he understood in campaigns people may not be honest about where you stand, he did not let that define his campaign. newt makes a big problem in letting those kind of things difficult -- difficult -- define his campaign. >>neil: and states must decide if they are signing on to a new most deal over banks accused of foreclosure abuses, and now reports say that the white house is pushing california to jump adding billions more to the settlement. the california democratic
4:37 pm
congressman is here. where does it stand right now? >>guest: well, it is up in the air right new, but that was a good interview with mike, he really laid it out clearly. with regard to the issue of the settlement, we don't know how this is going to come down. our attorney general out in california has been very, very clear, she thought the original proposal was just not right, wasn't enough, and, really, didn't hold the banks and mortgage companies accountable for what they had done. $25 billion but what is the rest of the story? some of those foughts audit to be in jail they ripped this country off. what about additional prosecutions? is there anything more that will happen? or do they just get out of jail free card and move on? that is a big question and we don't know the answers. >>neil: from what i understand at the love the banks are saying we might embrace this mortgage plan but we cannot fight two pricey wars at the same time, the billions in thieves and,
4:38 pm
then, protracted litigation from a meltdown that occurred four years ago. is it that simple? >>guest: well, certainly not that simple. these banks are ranging in multibillion dollar profits and there is more than enough money in their profits alone to pay for a settlement, a substantial settlement and beyond that individuals ought to be held accountable. >>neil: you are say willing the two should not be linked? >>guest: that isject they ought not be linked. they ought not be let go simply because they put a lot of money on the table. i suspect $25 billion is less than bonuses paid by the major banks. will until i suspect that is probably not quite right. >>guest: well, give me the number i bet it is not too far ambassador. >>neil: in the en, congressman, say we get beyond there and they do agree to the moth plan how is this any different from any of the other rescues that barely moved the needle and just protracted the
4:39 pm
pain and agony? >>guest: that is where we have to and the president has been trying to, get to a solution to help the homeowners ultimately, yes, the big bangs ought to be whacked real hard but the ultimate solution lies with the individual homeowners, many of them have lost their home and are unemployed and they have lost the american dream the that american dream needs to be restored. part of that restoring and the reigniting of the american dream comes in getting this housing market back on its feet. those homes that are underwater are only going to get worst as more and more houses go into foreclosure, so, we want to put the brakes on the 401(k) -- foreclosure and that is what the president is trying to do and we see if we can get it done in congress but as you heard mike reagan say people are opting for
4:40 pm
what is better than for the homeowners of america. >>neil: and there are half a dozen mortgage release programs and we still have a mortgage relief mess. >>guest: they did not do the full task. the programs of the last three years did not, were not enough, and the president continues to try to ramp up and bring forward additional programs and to beef up the programs we have. it is worth you will after our effort, really, for all of us, to get behind this and try to make the new ideas work. >>neil: thank you, congressman. >> the president, does he have a prayer in november
4:41 pm
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and at means... game on! symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye oblems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. [ whistle ] with copd, i thought i might ms out on my favorite tradition. now symbicort significantly improves my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. and thatakes a difference in my eathing. today i'm back with my favorite team. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >>neil: and ripping a newing a ruling requiring some religious institutions to cover birth control in their health care plan and hospitals. they say that it clashes with
4:44 pm
their beliefs but is this the time for the president attorney clashing with his base, period? columnist says he is taking a huge risk here. >> well, look, this is a mistake by the president and his political team. this is, the catholic democrats, the kind of reagan democrats are very important to the president's coalition and --. >>neil: won by eight points. >>guest: and many tend to be independent voters and they went for obama in a big way and this makes no logical sense. i will say on the other hand one of the things the president did and this is why they made the mistake, he is running like a primary candidate trying to enjoys the left wing of the democratic party because he has to get them happy or get a big turn out or goose the excitement level. he has failed to do that and he is doing a lot of things you look at the keystone pipeline and thests to get out of afghanistan, and get out of iraq, and he has done everything
4:45 pm
to please the base, saying he kept his promises. >>neil: but part of this base is the group that is ticked off. >>guest: that right. this is an overreap, a mistake. >>neil: how did it happen? >>guest: obamacare is working its way through with provisions tucked in and the conscience clause is not part of this, it always has been understood, and it surprised a lot of people. there are questions, did the secretary of health and education, did she forget this? did she run it by without thinking of the politics? or did somebody think it was a good idea? either way, it is a mistake, and it does reenergize a lot of people about obamacare, also, and opens the door to a very unpopular piece of legislation, passed on a party-line vote so it is the worst of all worlds for the president and now he is
4:46 pm
stuck with it, it is hard --. >>neil: he cannot doyle -- dial it back. you get bishops and catholic hospitals and religious entities, the minute you mention "birth control," they say do what you want outside our facility but in our facilities this is a moral and ethical clause "no." the president seems to be saying, no, you are single like everyone else, that is the state interfering with the church. >>guest: it looks like it on paper and i suspect it will get a constitutional test in the court. but it also reveals something else, for the cat electric -- catholic whose supported obamacare, it was the reach, that is why so many catholics opposed. remember if you like your insurance you can keep it, this is the kind of institution into
4:47 pm
the private insurance market that will have ramifications, an example of why the bill was classic overreach and big government getting involved in their lives. now, maybe there will be bishops who supported obamacare will understand why so many oppose it and continue to oppose it. >>neil: this seems more stupid. >>guest: we resume the president and his campaign axelrod are geniuses because the way they won coming out of nowhere in 2008 and pulled away at the end. they may not be geniuses but they could be subject to the law of making a mistake once in a while. >>neil: is this the white house? or is it a learning center? president obama my next guest says, better get his on the job training issue behind him.
4:48 pm
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>>neil: the president is making a case for a second term saying he is better at being president but is this really a place for on the job training? my gift says, no. that is the pitch. >>guest: what a mistake. he should have told us he didn't know what he was doing. when i wanted to do now, if he said he is learning on the job, i want him to tell the american people why he has learned. this is what i have learned. i learned if you let egypt do what egypt wants they can become our enemy. or start wars i learn that we can have a problem in iraq, they start bombing and killing each other again, what has he
4:52 pm
learned? maybe he has learned that obamacare is, was a mistake. >>neil: but he won't say that. >>guest: well, he has to say something. he cannot say i have learned not to deal with the house of representatives republicans. >>neil: maybe he is sending a message, this is a tough job if these kids and you don't want another novice coming in here. >>guest: let he tell you we have one novice, he talked his way into it, and i run a company. i have had thousands of people come for jobs and smell people occasionally they talk the talk but they don't walk the walk and they exaggerate their experience and they show up and if i said you are not doing a good job they would turn to me, and they would say, yes, i am learning on the job and you could be sure if a few years i will be a great employee he would be out the door so fast, so i think it is a
4:53 pm
mistake to say he is lending. we have had governors they are not learning on the job. he was literally his job was, really, basically, to go house-to-house in community relations. >>neil: but now he is saying this is picking up, the economy is picking up, jobs are picking up, and class is in session. >>guest: can we afford to wait? >>neil: he is saying the fruits of the labor are being realized. >>guest: he started screaming if he didn't have much more money to invest they did not give him the machine he was looking for, and now he will say, well, don't mess it up, it is working? no, he is saying whether it is working or not it is all magic. he is a great campaigner. >>neil: you are good at people who can use the media effectively and he is good at it. >>guest: very good. >>neil: does that make him a favorite? >>guest: i think, look, people
4:54 pm
are willing to be exaggerated. if people are willing to have a president who says, i didn't know what i was doing at the beginning but watch me now, boy ... >>neil: hard to pitch that. president obama does say he deserved another four years, imagine if he asked for another 56 years. he can't. but she just did. she's a queen. from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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4:58 pm
her father, still going strong at 85 today. a woman who has lived through a dozen presidents to the u.s. and whose own monarchy was announced by no less than prime minister winston churchill in britain. seen them all, known them all. all of those presidents, all of the prime ministers, all the poapst, six of them. and her reign alone, more than twice the length of john paul ii to rome. elizabeth came to power when her country was still a super power and a decade before t-- she was there before the space race and a survivor of almost everything bad and sensation, and flights on the moon. former daughter-in-law who we're told drove her looney. and a woman put a stiff upper lip and being timeless. you know, they say monarchies
4:59 pm
is cliche and british love theirs and sometimes icy monarch, which royalty is not, but, fairy tale royal weddings remain unlike anything else. in the u.s. when the u.s. president can serve eight years and the most powerful papacy 30 years tops and there's something uniquely elizabethen, and synonymous with the the golden renaissance age in british history, 1658-1603. that was a good rein, a good answer, what do you think of yours. and elizabeth, the a least the modern day. the monarch-- why are we doing this. >>


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